Raising Working Capital Finance

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Raising Working Capital

This is a 'broad brush' term that can be used to cover finance for anything from business growth to Rescue and Recovery situations. The truth of the matter is that cashflow is the life blood of any business. With it you can expand and grow that business. Without it both supplies and clients soon dry up.

Raising and maintaining adequate levels of working capital can be one of the biggest problems that the management of an SME have to overcome. Often the difficulty is in knowing who exactly is able and willing to provide any or all of the different types of commercial finance. “Should I go for Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, a Commercial Loan or, maybe, Equity Investment or Crowd Funding?”

This is where the knowledge and skill of the team within Business Finance Services comes in. Between us we have many years of experience of working within both small and large businesses and within the Commercial Finance Industry. As a result we know who to approach and how to approach them, no matter how difficult or unusual the funding requirement. Whenever there is a need for new finance it is always sensible to talk to your bank first. However, if they are unable to assist, then your next move should be to phone us.

Business Finance Services, an Independent Commercial Finance Broker.

Our experience is that, in many cases, resolving a client's financial problems may involve more than one form of funding. This is where our skill and expertise is so important. We are not tied to any Lenders or Group of Lenders and are therefore free to choose the sources of funding that best meet our clients’ requirements. Our philosophy is never to go into any Client meeting with pre-determined ideas regarding the source of funding needed. We only make such recommendations once we have learned about our clients and their business needs.