Turnaround Investment Finance

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The case for Turnaround Investment

  • Your business has reached its overdraft limit?
  • The Bank cannot extend credit terms because there is no additional business security available?
  • The list of Creditors is growing alarmingly and they are starting to make threatening noises?
  • You lack sufficient working capital to buy the supplies needed to meet the next orders?

Sound familiar? It is the symptoms of a business that is in serious trouble and one where early action is essential.

All may not be lost however. At Business Financial Services (BFS) we specialise in helping businesses that find themselves in a Rescue & Recovery situation.

One possible answer is to find a suitable investor (Business Angel) who is prepared to invest in a turnaround business. We are able to do this through our links with a number of Business Angel networks interested in providing Turnaround finance. 

Our Turnaround services includes:

  • Searching for investors and/or sourcing turnaround finance packages
  • Helping companies to apply for a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) to provide temporary relief from creditors or, in more extreme cases to set up a pre-pack
  • Assisting with Company restructuring.

Our work in the Turnaround sector also involves us in a range of financial & management services to support business recovery. To make an impressive presentation to potential investors it is essential that there is a well constructed and thought-out business plan and that the business can demonstrate that it has strong and competent management. We can provide assistance in both of those areas, with a business plan preparation service and a business mentoring service.

The Turnaround investment work we do involves us in the preparation of documentation for, and presentation of that documentation to potential investors. We arrange meetings with interested investors and attend those meetings to act as advisors to the business we are working for (our client).

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