Financial Services Testimonials

"...excellent finanicial advice and, most of all, an exceptionally friendly service..."

Jane Pascoe – J3

We recently helped a Lady called Jane to sort out the funding for her new venture into the world of franchising. Here is what she has said about the help we gave her:

“In January this year I was very excited at the prospect of purchasing a new business franchise, but then found out my store needed a compulsory refurbishment upgrade.  This was a pre-requisite for the transfer - which I was obliged to do sooner than expected, far exceeding my contingency funds.  At this juncture, I faced the very real prospect that the purchase I had worked so hard to put together as a single parent, would fall through for want of this additional funding.

But then a kindly Metro bank manager put me in touch with Peter Douglas and his organisation.  Were it not for Peter sourcing Leasing Finance for me, my deal would very definitely not have materialised and I would not have been able to acquire the new business that I am the proud owner of today, for which I’m extremely grateful.  Peter really is a “Business Angel”. “

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