Standing Out From The Crowd

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Standing out from the Crowd

Crowd Funding is becoming an increasingly accepted and viable source of finance, particularly for those SME's who cannot access funding through the more conventional routes. As with many other forms of commercial finance however, the first problem is to decide which type of Crowd Funding is the most appropriate. The second problem is to decide which of the providers of that particular form of funding is the most suitable. This is particularly important as, whilst most of the Crowd Funders are highly reputable, there are others who are less so. It helps to know which is which!



We are pleased to announce that Business Finance Services Ltd has been officially appointed as one of a select group of Sponsors for THIN CATS, one of the UK's leading Crowd Funding platforms. As such our responsibility is to receive and "vet" applications for funding from SME's. Once we have carried out the necessary due dilligence and are satisfied that the applicant is a robust company with a good business plan offering a sensible opportunity for a good RoI then we submit the application to Thin Cats on the applicant's behalf. We then have an on-going responsibility to monitor the post-investment progress of the SME to ensure that the business is succeeding and, if not to investigate why not. As always our function is to develop and maintain a close relationship with our clients to assist them in raising finance.