New Interim Management Service From Bfs

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New Interim Management Service from BFS

In recent conversations with accountants, solicitors and insurance agents it became apparent that small businesses are affected more frequently than one might expect by the sudden and unexpected loss of a senior manager. This can be the cause of serious problems and disruption to the operation of a small business, particularly where there is no succession arrangement. Whether or not there is ‘Key Man’ insurance in place, the main problem for a company that loses its senior manager is the actual loss of that manager and their ability to run the business. The longer the loss of that managerial ability goes on the more likely is it that the business will start to experience problems.

It is this problem that the new BFS ‘Interim Management Service’ is designed to overcome. Our Directors and Associates have long and detailed experience of managing a wide range of businesses. In particular Alan Price, who will be heavily involved in providing this service, has some 30 years experience of working on Rescue & Recovery projects. Thus, where a business suddenly needs an interim Manager to run the business, we can step in and provide that service. Whether that service is required until the absent manager returns or is replaced, or if the decision is made to sell the business, then BFS have people who can manage the business. 
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