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Rescue, Recovery & Restructuring

Businesses in Distress

During recent years there has been a significant increase in businesses getting into financial difficulty. Often, these businesses are put under pressure by their banks but those same banks do not wish to either crystallise a potentialloss situation or expose themselves to adverse publicity for pulling the plug on a business.

Helping these businesses by just looking for re-financing is very difficult, and often in-effective, as funders are reluctant to take on other lenders’ problem cases without the business’s issues being addressed. Throwing money at a problem which is caused by poor management or other factors is not a solution: indeed it may simply end in the business incurring an even greater debt burden.

Increasingly BFS has recognised that to help with such situations requires the support of professionals who are experienced in helping businesses turn around (often referred to as Rescue & Recovery). As a result we have taken on board Opus Restructuring LLP, not only as a shareholder in the business but also as a partner that provides a range of business support services that will enhance the process of helping and raising money for businesses in distress.

Combining their contacts and experience will enhance the services that both BFS & OPUS Restructuring provide to UK businesses. As Tim Dolder, a founder partner of Opus Restructuring LLP, put it - “It is incumbent on business professionals to recognise that access to a full range of funding and turnaround and restructuring services is the way forward. If we are to help businesses to get back on their feet, combining the skills of BFS and OPUS provides a first call and somewhat unique offering to the business community.

Company Restructuring

There is a definite skill to the successful restructuring of a business. It requires a combination of knowledge and experience. Firstly, however, it requires recognition of the fact that restructuring is necessary and acceptance of that fact by Management. The latter is often the most difficult hurdle to overcome.

These circumstances can exist not only in a business that is at the rescue & recovery stage, but also in businesses just starting to show signs of financial distress but which are not yet at a critical stage. 

This is where the knowledge and experience of the Team at BFS & OPUS comes to the fore. Not only can we recognise when there is a problem, but we have the knowledge and contacts to help a struggling SME to overcome those problems before they become ‘terminal’.

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