Company Rescue and Recovery

"...excellent finanicial advice and, most of all, an exceptionally friendly service..."

One of the special services that we offer at Business Finance Services Ltd (BFS) is that of providing support and guidance, as well as turnaround finance advice to businesses that are suffering financial problems. We are particularly well placed to do this both because of the experience of our staff and because of our close ties with OPUS Restructuring Llp (OPUS).

The purpose of our Company rescue and recovery service is to save your company, should it get into financial difficulties, so that it can continue trading its way out of those difficulties and back into profit. In today's financial market even the biggest companies can face difficulties on their bottom line. Big or small, our job is to show management the path back to success and to be available when our clients need our help.

For a business that is suffering Cash Flow problems or more severe difficulties, the approach of Business Finance Services is to take an in-depth look into the business and to analyse the reasons why the problem has occurred. We will then create a financial recovery plan. This may simply involve BFS in finding sources of recovery finance for the client or, in the more severe cases, we will invite OPUS to talk with our client. This may involve consideration of whether it is necessary to apply for a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), or to put the Company into Administration. In the most severe of cases it may be considered to put the business through a Liquidation process.

Business Financial Services Ltd and our colleagues at OPUS are experts in company rescue & recovery. Our strategy is always, however, to do whatever is possible to avoid putting a business into Liquidation, unless that is the only viable alternative. Our Objective is to deliver independent and objective company financial advice, leading to a financial recovery program especially designed by us to suit our client’s needs. As experience Turnaround specialist we can quickly identify the problem and put in place a Corporate Rescue and Recovery Programme. This will generally involve the three major processes of:

  • Stabilisation
  • Company Refinancing & Restructuring
  • Ground Up Turnaround finance Strategy

Other activities that BFS &/or OPUS may undertake with its Clients as part of a Recovery Programme to stabilise the company financial problems are as follows:

  • Administration can be used to enable time to formulate long and short term schemes
  • Short term receipts and payment module
  • Customer and supplier negotiations
  • Implementing payment receivables
  • Reducing stock holding programs
  • Generate cash from "outside the box" areas
  • General financial advice on cost cutting and implementations
  • Identify & maximise Short term financing opportunities

Financial Restructuring

  • Creditor arrangements either by a formal company voluntary arrangements, or by the alternative of an informal arrangement
  • Breakup of partners valuation
  • Analysis of providers and bargaining powers
  • Financial restructuring options developed
  • Identifying all available sources of recovery finance
  • Developing negotiations with all stakeholders
  • Direct communication with staff, directors and key interests
  • Advise on avoidance of insolvency
  • Negotiation of current banking criteria
  • Asset, Trade and stock finance

Company Turnaround Strategy

  • Development of business plans and organisation plans
  • Changes in fundamental business gains - products, services etc.
  • Marketing and sales plan development
  • Across the board cost reductions
  • Stock control and risk management
  • Internal management and training opportunities
  • Cash flow management and internal procedure management
  • Controlling of financial processes
  • Create and implement Key Performance Indicators

For more details of the Company Rescue and Recovery and Business Turnaround Services that we can provide contact Business Finance Services Ltd today. Call us on 0800 093 5240 or e-mail us at .