Cash Flow Solutions

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Cash Flow Solutions

• Your business has reached its overdraft limit?
• The list of Creditors is growing alarmingly and they are starting to make threatening noises?
• You lack sufficient working capital to buy the supplies needed to meet the next orders?

Sound familiar? It is the symptoms of a business that has cash flow problems. One where early action is essential if orders are not to be lost, or the downward spiral into serious financial difficulties is to be avoided.

All may not be lost however. At Business Financial Services (BFS) we specialize in helping businesses that find themselves with cash flow problems.

Business Cash Flow Services

There are indeed a number of potential ways in which lack of cash flow can be overcome. For example:

  • One option is to consider whether the business owns any assets on which finance could be raised to provide working capital. Click here for more details of our asset refinance services.
  • A second option is to look at the possibility of Invoice Finance or Factoring services. Despite its earlier reputation the modern Invoice Finance services can be a very effective short or medium term tool to resolve cash flow difficulties. Click here for more details of the services available.
  • Thirdly there is the possibility of arranging a Trade Finance facility, especially effective where a company has firm orders in hand but lacks the finance or credit-worthiness to purchase the supplies needed to fullfill those orders. Click here for more details of how we can help in these circumstances.
  • Another possible answer, in the more severe cases, is to find a suitable investor (Business Angel). We are able to do this through our links with a number of Business Angel networks interested in providing Turnaround Finance. Click here for more details. 

Thus there are a variety of cash flow remedies that may be available. Indeed we often find that the solution to a clients lack of working capital may be in employing more than one of these options. For example, using a Trade Finance facility to provide funding in the short term, for purchase of stock/supplies, will often give time to find a suitable investor who can then provide the necessary finance to ensure long term stability and growth of our client's business. 

Our work in the Turnaround sector frequently involves us in a range of financial & management services to support business recovery. To make an impressive presentation to potential investors it is essential that there is a well constructed and thought-out business plan and that the business can demonstrate that it has strong and competent management. We can provide assistance in both of those areas, with a business plan preparation service and a business mentoring service.

As the saying goes "Cash is King". This is particularly true in the current economic climate where finance is increasingly difficult to find. If you find that you have cash flow problems, you are suffering from a lack of Working Capital, then call us at Business Finance Services Ltd . We have many ways of sourcing the finance you need to get your business back on track or simply to help it grow faster.