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Commercial Finance for Office Purchase

Our client had been offered the opportunity to buy the offices in which they, and a couple of other substantial organisations, were tennants. Whilst they had a significant deposit they needed to raise an additional £525,000 to cover the balance of the purchase price and legal fees. They had already made tentative approaches to potential Lenders without success, so asked if we could take on the task of locating a Lender willing to provide them with a Commercial Mortgage or Loan.
We approached most of the well-known providers of Commercial Mortgages as well as some not so well known. Despite the fact that our client was seeking a low LTV many rejected the application for a variety of "interesting" reasons, some of which were frankly incomprehensible. Eventually we were able to work with one of the major Banks and after some 8 months the deal was signed.

Result - Our clients are now the proud owners of some excellent premises which will no doubt sit well on the Balance Sheet as well as providing additional revenue from the other tennants.

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