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Working Capital Finance

 We were recently approached by a client who had an opportunity to expand their business but it required purchase of container loads of new product from S. America. Because this was a young business without a significant “track record”, the purchase was a significant expansion of the business and they did not have guaranteed orders for all of the new stock, their bank would not provide the necessary funding. It was suggested to them that we may be able to help, which indeed we could.
Once we had gone over their requirements and their financial position in detail we were able to put them in touch with a Lender who specialises in providing Trade Finance in these circumstances. The Lender was able to agree terms and provide the necessary finance to the supplier within 2 weeks. The Lender is also prepared to fund on-going container loads assuming initial sales targets are met.
This funding was sufficient to enable our client to meet their short-term growth targets. The rates charge were however high (as one would expect in these circumstances). Thus we submitted an application for a Loan through the ThinCats Crowd Funding Platform. This was successful and our client achieved a Loan of £150,000 over 5 years at a much more beneficial rate.

Result – Our Client has sufficient, affordable funding to grow their business successfully, which they are doing. What is more, BFS is now providing an on-going Management Support service.

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