Business Financing Options

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Business financing options to help your business soar

When you’re looking to raise money to fund your startup or grow your business, a bank loan may spring to mind as a possible solution, however, today rejections are all too common for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We’re here to offer a practicable solution, and we have a diverse range of lending options available. We know just how difficult it can be for SMEs to overcome hurdles early on, such as buying new equipment, investing in your own premises or taking on a new set of products, and that’s why we’re offering our help. Business Financial Services is one of the most respected and successful business angels in the UK and our broad range of financial services includes:

·         Commercial Loans

·         Cash Flow Solutions

·         Asset Finance

·         Equity Investment

·         Crowd Funding

·         Turnaround Finance & CVAs

·         Management Support Services

·         Business Planning & Plan writing

·         Property Development Finance

We don’t simply wave our wand to get you up and running, we will work closely with you to understand your journey so far, as well as your goals and objectives so that we can provide your business with the foundation needed for success. Whether you require a working capital solution or additional cash flow to help you through a tricky period, our friendly team is just a phone call away. For more information on our business financing options or to get a clearer idea on how we can help your company flourish, call Business Financial Services today on 0800 093 5240.

Business finance options that save you time, effort and heart-ache

Finding financing in any economic climate can be challenging, but with the main banks tightening their requirements, this is truer than ever before. Of course, looking for ‘alternative’ lenders is a lot easier now thanks to the internet, however, finding one you can actually rely upon is not always an easy task. Fortunately, the Directors and Associates of Business Finance Services have experience of working with both major high street lenders and specialist lenders, so we have experience from 'the other side of the desk' to share with our clients. We also work very closely with Business Angel Investors and a number of the Crowd Funding Platforms, so if you are seeking equity investment, we can help you put together an application that’s designed to attract investors. Our business financing options are designed to help you grow your business or, in the case of more extreme circumstances, get your business back on the road to recovery and growth.

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How can our experience and business financing options help your business boom?

When we provide our clients with guidance and advice on business structure, sales, marketing and day-to-day business issues, we’re able to draw on our own experiences. There isn’t a financial problem we haven’t encountered at some stage in our careers, and that’s why we’re able to quickly and easily help you find clear unbiased advice on arranging business finance for a particular need. Our business was established with the distinct purpose of assisting small and start-up businesses with business financing options. We’re not just here to play an important role in helping SMEs develop, we work our socks off to give small businesses opportunities to thrive and establish themselves as strong and successful companies.

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