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Business Investment opportunities

Here at BFS we regularly receive requests from SMEs for help in raising finance for expansion of the business or to fund the development of new products or entry into new business areas. In some cases a business loan may not be appropriate, particulaqrly where this puts a strain on cash flow. In such cases, because of our many contacts, we at BFS can look at taking clients down the Equity Investment route. This may be through our own Business Angel contacts or via one of the Crowd Funding platforms that we work closely with and who specialise in Equity Funding.

The following is a list of some of our client companies who require finance in the form of loans, investment or some form of debt finance to provide them with working capital and the means to grow the business. Please click on the appropriate section to display a web brief on any particular client. If you require further information or a copy of a particular business plan please call BFS on 0800 093 5240.


Project Blue Tiger - an opportunity to invest in an established business with strong growth potential - Ref.: 507 - NEW

Our client operates as a Motor Repair business providing mechanical service and repairs, MOT’s, tyres and exhausts. The business has been set up to provide a ‘main dealer’ experience to customers at a lower than main dealer price point.

The business has expanded rapidly and now has 9 branches located in East Anglia, East, West and South Midlands. Whilst their business model is gathering excellent traction from a customer perspective the directors accept that their ambitious expansion plans and the amount of capital investment required has resulted in a shortfall in their working capital position and a threat to the future of the business.


The directors are seeking new funding for the business and believe the requirement is best suited to an equity/debt partner who can buy into the directors’ vision for the business, participate in the ownership and support the working capital requirements.

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Solving the Parking Problem - Ref.: PS485 - NEW

We all know how difficult it can be to find a parking space in a busy town or city. The problem becomes worse if we have to do it on a regular basis, but there is a solution.

The Parking Spaces Rentals Business Ltd. (PSRB) is a peer to peer secure car parking spaces company operated via an online platform and offering the potential to overcome this problem, thereby tapping into a massive and currently little exploited market. 

The vision is to solve the issue of a lack of long term secure parking spaces for businesses in town and city centres throughout the UK, and for the business to become the Airbnb of parking spaces. What makes the business special is that it will be focusing specifically on city and town centre secure parking, business hirers and long term continuous rentals.

 Revenue is projected to grow from £240,000 in 2018 to £9.6 million in 2022 at which time there will be an EBITDA of £3.39 million. The company is now seeking investment of £250,000 to grow from the present proof of concept stage to a fully developed business. In return investors will be offered equity up to 10% on a pro-rata basis.

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iGiG - The App where You choose the view - Ref: AR/375 - NEW

Our clients have developed a unique App-based system allowing videos of Music Gigs and sporting events to be viewed on various media from Mobiles to Smart TVs. This is not new, you might say, but it is! The events will be shot on multiple cameras in HD sound and vision but the viewer chooses which camera output they want to watch at any one time. What's more they can switch seemlessly between cameras at any time.  The Videos will be available via an App that is already developed and Apple approved. Our client is seeking an investment of £100,000 to launch the product. Being internet based, this business will have a strong international element. Interest is already being shown by major event organisers and sponsors both in Europe and the USA. These include AEG, Pepsi and SONY as well as recent talks with Amazon.

To learn more about this new player in a multi-£Billion market  Click here for details


Finance for a buoyant book business - Ref.: BB/481 - NEW 

Anyone who thinks that the market for second-hand books is dying should take a close look at our clients and their recent performance! Sales revenue topped £146,000 in August, 51% up on August 2016. Total sales for f/y 2016/17 were £1.516 million with a net profit of 148K. This is forecast to rise to sales of £2.96 million and a net profit of £254K in y/e August 2020. Bookbarn International sells through its own premises near Bristol but mainly on-line via some 20 on-line outlets including Amazon, ABEbooks and even Kongfz in China!

The company is also looking at other opportunities to expand what is already a growing business. This may include future acquisitions.

The business is now seeking £250,000 of equity finance (EIS approved) to pay off an existing high interest loan, thereby significantly improving cash flow, with the balance being used for growth and marketing activities. In return investors will be offered up to 20% equity in the business. 

If you would like to learn more about what is, in many ways, a book-lovers dream Click here for more details

Growth Funding for Supply Chain - Ref: BN/380 - Completed

 This company was incorporated in 2011 with the specific objective of bringing a fresh approach and new supplies at competitive prices to the European Leatherwork industries. Our client has already had significant success in this regard but now needs a capital injection of up to £100,000 over the next 6 months to grow the business and establish them as a major supplier. Revenue is forecast at £5 million by 2015/6 with EBITDA of £877K.

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Secured Property Refurbishment Business - Ref: EL/357 - Completed

A well established property development business (over 30 successful transactions completed in the last 3 years), producing strong returns of between 12 - 40% per annum, now wishes to partner with investors to provide access to the residential housing market on a non-pooled, project specific basis.

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Beauty Products Wholesaler & Retailer - Ref: BW/352 - Completed

Our client is a long-established supplier of hair, beauty, toning, fitness, nail & health products. Investment of up to £300,000 is sought to supplement existing funding lines to source additional stock to meet increased seasonal demand for Xmas and rising demand from retail customers. The funding will also allow our client to enter new markets and expand into new product lines.

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Business Investment Opportunities

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