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Crowd Funding (Peer to Peer Lending) for businesses in Warwickshire

As we know, the reasons why a company in Warwickshire might need finance are manifold so, at Business Finance Services Ltd (BFS), we don’t limit ourselves in terms of the options we can offer our clients. With the Banks still being very limited in what they can or will offer to SME’s, it is often the case that the only realistic solution for a business is to look at what is these days referred to as “Alternative Finance”. Whilst there are now many finance houses who offer funding in this category, knowing which ones are reliable and suitable for a particular business case can be difficult. At BFS we have detailed knowledge of the choices available and can help our clients through this particular Maze.

Let the experts find you finance for growth & development in Warwickshire

Our experience is that many business managers/owners spend an inordinate amount of time trying to solve the problem of where to find finance. Time they could better use managing other aspects of their business. Our advice is, “don’t let it become a problem, ask BFS to help”. We can step in at any stage to save you time and money.

Peer to Peer Lending for Warwickshire businesses.

One form of ‘Alternative Finance’ that is becoming increasingly prominent is that of Crowd Funding (Peer to Peer Lending). There are an ever-increasing number of these ‘Platforms’ which between them offer a wide range of finance options. The problem is that not all of them are reliable and the expectation is that a significant number of them may not be around in a few years’ time.

At BFS we have specialised over the last few years in getting to know the various Crowd Funding Platforms. With this experience we have carefully selected those which we consider to be the best ones to work with. We have also been extra selective in choosing a range of these Funders who, between them, offer different types of funding. This includes security based loans, equity loans and now specialist Platforms who can provide ‘Single Invoice Discounting’ for those SME’s with an urgent need for short term funding but who do not want to enter into a full Factoring contract. We are strongly of the belief that the Crowd Funding Platforms that we are associated with have a great deal to offer to Warwickshire Businesses.

Finding finance for Rescue & Recovery in Warwickshire


If, on the other hand, you find yourself in financial difficulty, we also have a number of solutions which we can offer you. We have very close links with OPUS Restructuring Ltd. A well-known firm of Insolvency Practitioners. We can also provide ongoing business mentoring services which are intended to keep your company heading in the right direction, offering long-term solutions leading to business success

Commercial finance for SME’s isn’t as unobtainable in Warwickshire as you might think. The Directors of BFS have diverse backgrounds & experience including both high street banking and small business management and ownership. As a result they have an understanding of the full picture. They fully comprehend the challenges which businesses face, so they’re in a strong position to provide the right financial advice and support.

If you would like to talk to us about any of the services which we offer, just call us for a free consultation. We’ll listen to what it is that you need, and offer advice based on your individual circumstances. Call 01327 349779 to speak to one of the team, or send us an email: