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    At BFS we come across many cases where business owners/managers have spent far too much time trying to resolve cash flow problems rather than concentrating on what they do best i.e. developing and growing their business.

    We have all heard that well used phrase “Cash flow is King” but not every small business owner understands the truth of it, or the implications if you get it wrong! It is also the case that an increasing need for working capital can lead to a steady downward spiral caused by panic, frustration and the general inability to find a suitable source of finance.

    Another common danger is that of accepting the first offer that comes along without being fully aware of the terms applied thereto and the effect they will have on your business. As with most industries, there are many misconceptions concerning the way that the world of commercial finance works. Typical of these is the frequently held view that the ‘Big’ Banks are no longer interested in funding SMEs. Whilst in some cases this may appear to be true, the fact is that those Banks generally got it so wrong leading up to the 2008 Crash that they have had to concentrate in getting their own Houses in order ever since. The net result is that they are being forced to be a great deal more careful about what and who they lend to than they were pre-2008.

    This is not, however, a defence of our Big Banks. On the contrary, we at BFS come across instances where we are totally frustrated by of the way the Banks treat their smaller customers and by the way that they reject what are perfectly sound business funding opportunities.  The good news is, however, with the arrival of an increasing number of “Alternative” sources of Commercial finance. These come in a variety of forms covering both Debt and Equity finance. Include in these are some “New” Banks (although some of these are proving to be no more flexible than the Main Banks!) and the new Crowd Funding Platforms (of which there are increasing numbers). The problem for the Business Owner/Manager is to know Who they are, Where they are and What they offer in terms of funding options. Anther question may well be “which offers the best options”. Determining this comes back to our point about spending too much time worrying about the finance and no running the business. That is the time to call in the Experts.

    We at BFS have many years of experience in assisting SMEs to resolve their commercial finance problems, whether it be releasing working capital, arranging funding for growth or financing a start-up, we can offer a very wide range of solutions. Now, with the recent link with OPUS Restructuring LLP, we are also in a position to offer SMEs much more help with regard to Rescue & Recovery for those that are getting into severe difficulties . And don’t forget we not only represent a number of the major Crowd Funding Platforms but we also provide on-going business mentoring services.

    For more information on the wide range of commercial finance solutions available from Business Finance Services Ltd check us out on our web site , call us on 0800 093 5240 or e-mail us at . Our initial consultations are Free and we look forward to hearing from you.