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Another Successful BFS Seminar on Finance for the SME

Indeed demand for these Alternatives has reached such a level that a very large number of finance providers from VCs to the main banks themselves (through proxy lenders) are offering funding of a very broad range of types from alternatives to the conventional types of lending e.g. asset or invoice finance, to much more Niche lending options such as short term loans and single invoice finance. Then, of course, there are the myriad of Crowd Funding platforms that have sprung up.”
Whilst this is a positive move in some respects, it poses problems for the SME owner/manager. Specifically:
• Who are these new Lenders?
• Which ones best suit my business needs?
• Which ones are most reliable and offer the best rates?
The purpose of the Seminar was to explain not only the concept but also to introduce attendees to some of the various types of Alternative Finance that are now available.”
BFS were supported at the event by four of the UK’s leading ‘Alternative’ Lenders. These were:
• Growcap Finance
• Independent Growth Finance (IGF)
• Reparo
• Crowdforangels
Each of these Lenders provides a different type of funding, specifically; Secured Loans, ABL Lending (Asset and Invoice Finance), unsecured short term lending and a Crowd funding platform offering both debt and equity options.
As John Landers, Director of BFS commented “Those attending our seminar were given a broad overview of the scope of modern ‘Alternative’ Finance Lenders. We have seen a great increase in the number of these Lenders in the past few years. The difficulty for the potential borrower is to understand who provides which service, and which are the best platforms for a particular borrowing requirement” but, as John said, ”that is where we at BFS come in!”
BFS are planning to hold more of these Seminars on the general theme of “Negotiating the Financial Maze” in the coming months. The next Seminar will be held at The Stadium MK in Milton Keynes on Thursday the 19th October. Full details will be announced shortly on our web site . This will be a repeat of the recent Northampton Seminar, aimed at introducing the SME community to some of the other forms of ‘Alternative’ finance that are now available.”
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Further details on those services can be found on the BFS website or by emailing . If you would like to discuss a particular situation then call us on 01327 349 779 and we will be pleased to see how we can help.