Asset Finance Lending

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Asset Finance Services

Every business needs to acquire assets as it grows. Having chosen the assets required the most important question is whether to purchase the assets and, if so on what terms. For SME’s, start-upbusinesses or those with cashflow problems paying cash is not usually the best option. The problem comes in deciding what is the best option or, for some business managers, what financial options are actually available from Asset finance lenders

That’s where BFS comes in. We will help business managers not only to decide what form of asset finance is appropriate for their needs, but which provider of that finance is offering the best asset finance lending package to suit those needs.

In terms of types of asset finance the choices available are, put simply, either Hire Purchase or Leasing. In deciding which of these is the best asset finance lender for the business one needs to consider whether or not it is important for the company to be able to own the asset at the end of the finance period. Other considerations include the most appropriate payment schedule and the tax implications to the business.

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