About Business Finance Services

"...excellent finanicial advice and, most of all, an exceptionally friendly service..."

About Us

Our business was set up with the express purpose of assisting small and start-up businesses to grow strong and successful. That remains our primary raison d’etre, but, as time has passed, we have grown our own business to provide the following range of financial services:
• To aid SME’s in finding the most suitable sources of business finance.  
• To provide assistance to SME’s who find themselves in a financial rescue & recovery situation.
• To provide business owners and managers with a comprehensive range of ongoing management support services providing guidance and advice on topics including, but not limited to, business structure, sales and marketing and day to day business issues.

Commercial Finance Services

The Directors and Associates of Business Finance Services have themselves worked for small and medium sized businesses, both as managers and as owners. They have, therefore, experienced the financial problems frequently encountered in knowing where to go and how to find, clear unbiased advice on arranging business finance for a particular business need. They also have experience of working with both major high street lenders and specialist lenders so have experience from 'the other side of the desk' to share with our clients.

The Team

Let us introduce ourselves;

Peter Douglas – Director

I am one of the original Founders of BFS. Having successfully completed a Degree in Business Studies I spent over 20 years in Export Sales and Marketing. I then decided to give up the globetrotting life and my wife and I bought a small business which we ran together. I have been involved in running SME’s ever since and set up BFS in 2002 having spent time getting an education in commercial finance. Whilst it is hard work I have never had so much fun as running BFS. Nothing gives more satisfaction than helping SME’s to grow or regain their strength.



John Landers - Director

John has an accountancy background and moved into the invoice finance industry in 1981. Initially working in the Client Relationship and Operations department, after a couple of years, he moved into Sales and has been helping businesses obtain funding ever since.

John has managed sales and business development teams in both finance and professional services and prides himself on helping businesses obtain the most appropriate funding facilities to meet their needs. He is particularly happy to represent Growcap as he sees their offering as being a real alternative to the banks for good quality businesses 

A keen sports fan John enjoys Golf and swimming [but not at the same time !!].


 Alan Price - Associate

Before embarking on my second career as a consultant, mentor, coach, and general “go-to” man for business advice, I spent over 35 years in the insolvency profession, advising owners and managers of businesses with financial problems, and dealing with insolvent individuals and businesses.  During that time, I developed a wide range of analytical, investigative, rescue and turnaround skills, and learned to assess the strengths and weaknesses of businesses very quickly.  Having successfully overseen the turnaround of two moribund insolvency practices in the 1990s, I formed my own business in 1999, which I and my partner built into a highly-profitable organisation that we sold at the beginning of 2014, when I retired from the profession.  

I have a vast network of professional and other business contacts and an aptitude for spotting opportunities to put people together for their mutual benefit.  I think it fair to say that I have an imaginative commercial brain, and an ability to see through extraneous detail to get to the heart of the matter very quickly.  I can bring my technical and practical managerial and troubleshooting experience to bear in all types of situation, and I am never happier than when helping businesses and their owners fulfil their potential. That is why I am now delighted to be Associated with BFS, which adds a few more “strings” to my bow.


BFS Clients Charter

At Business Finance Services Ltd. we are very proud of the support we give to, and the relationships that we have built with our clients. Indeed one of our mottoes is “Our customers come First – and Stay”. As part of this ethos we will not take on a finance project unless we believe that it has a reasonable chance of success (there are never any cast iron guarantees in this business) and that it is in our Client’s best interests. See our Clients Charter here.

Business Rescue & Recovery

If you have a business that is getting deeper and deeper into trouble, then you should talk to us as soon as possible. With our experience of Business Finance Rescue & Recovery we can help not only with financial recovery, but also with restructuring of the business and, in more extreme cases, by helping to establish a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) or other legal devices designed to allow a business to continue. We are now in an even stronger position to be able to do this because of our links with a new business partner called OPUS Restructuring Llp.


OPUS consists of a group of highly experienced insolvency practitioners & Turnaround  Specialists who have forged links with a number of organisations such as BFS to provide a range of professional financial services.

Delivering Business Finance & Management Support Services

Whatever your finance need, be it a general release of funds for working capital, cash for an MBO, purchase of a new business, business expansion, new building, relocation, funding a large order or purchase of equipment and so on we are ready to assist you.
From traditional institutional funders to venture capitalists, specialist funders to business angels, here at Business Finance Services Ltd. we have access to a portfolio of Lenders that is both extensive and versatile. We are however a totally independent firm of Business Finance Consultants able to arrange anything from traditional debt finance to equity investment. We are therefore able to introduce and manage all of these options, for the sole purpose of supporting you to develop your business.

Crowd Funding

Any serious Business Finance Consultancy must, these days, look at Crowd Funding as an option when considering the sources of funding for a client. BFS is no exception in this regard. We work with a number of the UK’s leading Crowd Funding Platforms. These include:

For more details on our comprehensive range of Finance & support services call us on 01327 349 779 or e-mail us at enquiries@bufinserv.co.uk . For information on the services available from OPUS Restructuring Llp please click on the OPUS Logo Link above.